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Our Story

In 2020, our family—myself, my husband and our five children—embarked on a journey to a healthier life, seeking to reclaim our lives, find solace and purpose. This quest led us to a more fulfilling existence when we acquired a beautiful piece of land that would later evolve into Eastside Acres Ranch, the heart of our vision. 


The ranch was our answer to the chaos and disconnection that had overwhelmed us. Fueled with a deep love for animals and nature, our mission was to transform this piece of farmland into a sanctuary for both healing and connection, not only for ourselves but also for our community

Transforming the ranch into a sanctuary for both animals and humans, we welcomed an array of animals, including our Scottish Highland cows, alpacas, miniature horses & donkeys, sheep, miniature goats, ducks, chickens, rabbits and even our resident three-legged rescue farm dog, Luna. Each of these special animals played a pivotal role in our personal journey of healing.  

Today, we take pride in what Eastside Acres Ranch has become. Our aspiration is to extend the solace and joy we've found here to all who visit, fostering a sense of peace and connection within our community.

Eastside Acres Ranch Photo

Eastside Acres Ranch & Farm

Port St Lucie, FL



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